Semiconductor Electronics Manufacturing

A dehumidifier system provides a simple, cost affective way to insure a precisely controlled humidity level in electronic manufacturing. It supplements rather than replaces standard clean room air handling systems, which preserves your investment and increases the reliability of your process.

Food Manufacturing

This deepest cooling and dehumidification solidifies products more quickly, allowing faster output and thereby increasing production capacity, quality and products shelf life. Dry air provided for food processing such as fluid bed, spray towers, coating etc. Shortened drying duration and improved product quality (i.e: coffee, curry powder, sugar, flour, chocolate etc.)


Dry ambient air desirable for production and transportation conditions of medical products with strong moisture absorption, eg. tablet, medical powder, capsule etc. Hygienic production environment as prerequisite for pharmaceutical product quality and the health of production operators.

Storage Archieve

Preservation of valuable archive such as films vault, documents store, art galleries, museum, Government agencies, bank vault etc.

Warehouse / Cold Store

Prevent condensation and mold, fungus growth on products stored. Forst free and dry cold store; less mechanical failure on evaporator – reducing maintenance cost and safer workplace.


Optimum and consistent environment for sensitive equipment such as microscope, 3D printer; sample storage and testing requirement.


Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare/hospital facilities, Seed store, Military store, Chemical store, Lithium battery production, Ship building, Power plant, and many more.